31 July 2016

After coming back from a holiday of partying and not much sleep, my skin, hair and body were (perhaps understandably) not really in the best shape. Luckily, a couple of parcels through the mail later I had the remedies to my SOS situation, and got to trialling them as quickly as possible. A good pamper session later and I'm already feeling almost back to normal.

'The most powerful facemask you will ever use', the 7 day Facetox system has definitely lived up to its name for me. Made with Rose Water and the Facetox clay this mask is extremely intense but heals breakouts like nothing else and adds a beautiful radiant glow back into your skin. It does feel slightly drying, think Lush Magnaminty if you've tried it, so a good moisturiser is needed afterwards, but it does really feel like it is healing and preventing any imperfections on my face - I just wish I had tried it sooner. For £24.99 it is pretty pricey, but the pack is going to last me much longer than the stated 7 days - I just wish I had tried it sooner!

I'm kind of obsessive about keeping my teeth white, but having fairly sensitive teeth, it can sometimes be a bit of a mission to find products that work whilst avoiding irritation. Enter Mr Blanc, whitening strips that are coated in 'enamel-safe' ingredients to lift off stains and lighten teeth over a 14 day period. All it takes is 30 mins a day with the plastic strips placed on your teeth but their peroxide free nature, unlike other traditional methods, means that sensitivity and gum irritation is minimal. LOVE!

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think of them?
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