Interior Inspiration.

07 February 2016

My room is a constant work in progress and lately I've been leaning towards the more boho yet minimalist end of the style spectrum. I figured a few new updates could be in order over the course of the new year and so have rounded up some inspirational images compiled from many a late night browse on Pinterest. 

I'm thinking of moving bed to rest on wooden pallets, adding lots of nice textured materials, possibly a tapestry and maybe even a new patterned duvet cover. Then I also think I might try and find a rug at home to cosy up the wooden floorboards and fill my frames with some more artistic pieces. Of course, fairy lights and candles are always a must too. I hope you like the images and find them somewhat inspiring! Don't forget that you can follow me on Pinterest here.

What kind of style do you like best?
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