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29 February 2016

My haircare routine is pretty standard. No fuss, simple. It's just an area of beauty that doesn't really interest me, and therefore I try and make it as quick and easy as possible. For months I was using the L'Oreal Brunettes Shampoo, a quick run through with my Tangle Teezer and a touch of my Moroccan Oil to give it a bit of love. Not even a blow-dry in sight. I admit though it's nice to change things every once in a while, so welcome to four new additions in my stash...

The Envy Blow Dry Set (£40) has really changed the way my hair looks. Basically, you massage the pre-wash Dual Fix into your hair, blow-dry, and then wash normally with the other two. The SLS/SLES Paraban Free formulas work together to give both moisture and body and smooth out hair. My hair has a tendency to get frizzy, especially in the winter when it can get really dry quite easily but I've found that the combination of these products stops this from happening - probably thanks to the Keratin and silk blend. Plus, they cut down on the need for any after styling products. Couldn't be happier! 

My hairs always been a bit on the limp side, and my not so beefy strands could definitely do with a bit of filling out. I've been using the intense version of the Grow Gorgeous Serum, which you are meant to massage into the roots with a little dropper every evening to promote growth. Not only that, but it gives a really nice glossy shine much like an Argan Oil would. I'm notoriously sceptical of products like this so I'm not sure how well it is actually working but I'm guessing it takes time. Here's hoping ... 

Good hair routine that won't take forever? Sorted. 

What do you like to use on your hair?
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