Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes.

12 January 2016

I've had a couple of sets of the Zoeva brushes before, but none have ever spoken to me like the rose gold set. It's my favourite type of metal and from the moment I first set eyes them I knew that they had to be mine ... and sure enough, no regrets. 

The Brushes: 

104 / Buffer
Buffers are my brush of choice for foundation application, and this one does not disappoint! It works really well for sheering out higher coverage foundations and giving a nice soft finish. My only gripe - the brush head is too big to do any of those hard to reach places. 

126 / Luxe Cheek Finish
You may think the more product a brush can pick up the better, but for blush I would definitely disagree. The dome shape on this brush gives a nice sheer finish and is a great shape for bronzer as well. 

109 / Luxe Face Paint 
Probably my favourite brush from the whole set, this one works so well for contouring and definition. Sometimes a little buffing is needed around the edges though to stop it from looking too harsh. 

228 / Luxe Crease
Eye makeup is a massive weakness of mine - (please someone teach me how to do it!) - but this brush works really nicely for buffing out the harsh edges of shadows to a soft finish. If you're wanting to do more precise work though, this is not the one! 

234 / Luxe Smoky Shader 
This brush is more precise than the above and really nice for blending two colours together. Not much more to say here!

226 / Smudger
A really heavy eye makeup tends not to suit me as much (or maybe I'm just doing it wrong) but as a consequence I don't get as much use out of this brush. If dark eyeshadows are your thang though, this one would be brilliant for you.

317 / Wing Liner
I break the rules a little here and actually use this one for my brows. It gives a nice precise finish which allows a lot of control to get the shape that I'm happy with. Win. 

My overall thoughts - if you have the original sets already, this one isn't a must have. However, for the aesthetics and quality, for a true brush addict like me, this collection can not be beaten. What do you think?
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