Lifestyle Changes for 2016.

17 January 2016

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It may be clich├ęd to start making lifestyle changes in new year, but if it's what motivates you to make a change, then so be it! This year, I wanted to avoid the 'new year, new me' moment, making drastic changes, which I then find I can't stick to, instead making smaller steps to becoming a healthier person. It's about time I upped my activity level to more than just pressing the button to the next episode on Netflix and reincorporated some proper exercise back into my life so as we move into 2016 I'm excited to document my fitness journey with the Pink Soda range

I'm not a stranger to fitness, in fact, during a lot of last year I was in a pretty good routine. However, as school work and illness got to me I slowly let it slip. This year, I want to drive myself more from the positive feelings that exercise gives me, rather than the aesthetics and am hoping that this will be motivation enough in itself. From mental health to physical problems, exercise can be a medicine in itself when used properly. However, I also want to learn to take less of an all or nothing approach. Not everyday has to be some crazy HIIT Insanity style workout, yoga or pilates are just as valuable for your body. 

You can expect plenty of updates from me over here on how I'm doing, I'm starting off with trying out a new range of sports wear - always a great motivator for me! The Pink Soda range is full of amazing prints and colours, as well as more loungewear appropriate items which I will 100% be sporting on my rest days.

Have you set yourself any fitness or lifestyle goals for 2016? I'd love to hear them! 
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