A few new wardrobe updates.

10 January 2016

A new year is always a great time to inject some new pieces into your wardrobe, especially if you can hunt out some bargains in the sales or spend some Christmas money. As ever, I'm still working on creating a wardrobe where I wear everything, rather than just the same things over and over again. I didn't want to mindlessly spend money in the heat of the moment, convinced that the 'new me' would get a ton of use out of more extravagant items, however, I did think it would be nice to add some accessories to mix up the usual black and white that I have going on. 

First and foremost this ring from Gemporia, which I finally settled on after trawling through pages and pages of their online collection. I tend to stick to silver normally so it is nice to mix it up and add in some gold, and the metal isn't too gaudy which makes it perfect for pairing with other pieces. Another jewellery piece that has been added recently as well are this little sleeper hoop earrings. I really love fine jewellery and these two nestle into the ear so well, are really comfortable and subtle enough for my liking. 

My Daniel Wellington watch isn't new now, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to mention it again.  The designs are so classy and elegant and I really like the smaller face on this one for the comfort. If you're interested, my code 'maddycane' will get you 15% off until January 15th. My Rayban Gold Round Sunglasses are also a favourite, and would be great if you are hitting the slopes some time soon. Finally, this Louche Jumper from JOY Store. It's a really nice quality, weighty knit which will keep you warm through the colder months, and the colour will pair well with anything and everything. Plus, you can grab it for half price at the moment! 

What do you think of these picks, have you added anything nice to your wardrobe recently? 
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