Tips for a Timeless and Minimalist Wardrobe.

17 December 2015

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When it comes to fashion, not all things need to be flashy. In fact, a lot of the time—if not all the time—less is more. There’s definitely something to be said about clean lines and simple style. It seems that the less “noise” certain pieces make, the “louder” they are when combined in unison. Personal style translates from the way you decorate your home to the way you dress your body. Each of these ways is an opportunity to show the world what makes your heart beat. 

For those whose hearts beat solely on minimalism, you know how it is. A classic wardrobe doesn’t just create itself (although we wish it would!), and it takes careful purchases of timeless items to make these dreams of stunningly simple style a reality. And for this reason, we could all use a bit of inspiration every now and again. Here are some tips for those who value timelessness and classic design.

1. Think in Black and White 

This advice could be mishandled if used in virtually any other situation than dressing minimalist. But as it stands in terms of wardrobe rules, minimalism exists primarily in black and white, with a couple shades in between. Say no to bright prints and take this tip form Everlane's PR coordinator (as told to Refinery29) “Stick with a neutral palette and be more playful with certain aspects… The black-and-white combo really helps with the contrast, too."

2. Streamline 

Besides monochromatic tones, the other main tactic to dressing minimalist is to skip details and head straight for garments that show clean, basic lines. Streamline your style with baggy clothing that is somehow still sleek. A good example of this quasi-contradictory tip is to view  WhoWhatWear's take on “clean lines” in the third example. Another great example is the simple yet chic T-shirt dress pictured below, found in Lyst's collection.

3. Control Yourself 

As minimalism by definition is to rid your lifestyle of the things that are unnecessary, the same goes for building a minimalist wardrobe. The timeless look we swoon over in magazine editorials and on impossibly chic people takes a bit of dedication and saying “no” to certain styles. It takes commitment. As this R29 article bluntly (and almost satirically) states, “It requires you to control yourself.” So nailing the minimalist trend might take a little more effort than simply buying basic black-and-white clothing. You might have to declutter your mind, too.
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