30 November 2015

Practising self-care is so important, and although I may be hypocritical in saying it, it’s vital to take some time out of your day to look after yourself, mind, body and soul to prevent crashing and burning. According to the International Self-Care Foundation ‘Self-Care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness. It is a broad concept encompassing hygiene (general and personal), nutrition (type and quality of food eaten), lifestyle (sporting activities, leisure etc), environmental factors (living conditions, social habits, etc.) socio-economic factors (income level, cultural beliefs, etc.) and self-medication.’ 

It’s vital to make time for it, and it should never make you feel guilty. Obviously, it’s a completely personal thing, but here are some ways that I like to practice self-care. 

Take 5 minutes.

Take 5 minutes each evening to relax, and pamper yourself however you like. Whether it’s through a facial, painting your nails or moisturising your body, it’s amazing how these little things can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Currently, I’ve been loving whitening my teeth with the Pearl Drops Pure White Kit, which not only gives me a glowing grin, but also helps me feel that bit more confident too. 

Get enough sleep.

We all know how important sleep is, but how many of us don’t actually get enough of it. (sheepishly raises hand). It’s all too tempting to try and stay up late getting work done but after a while it just becomes counterproductive. Turn off your phone, go to bed and I guarantee your body will thank you for it in the morning. 

Keep the area around you tidy. 

This is a personal one for me, but the old adage, ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ really is true. I always feel so much more relaxed and productive when the area around me is ordered and my room isn’t filled with clutter. Although you may not know it at the moment … 

Tick something off your to-do list. 

I’m a pretty bad procrastinator and will tend to put things off until they absolutely ‘have’ to be done. It’s such a great feeling not to have to have things nagging at the back of your mind and 9 times out of 10 it’ll take less than 5 minutes to do anyway. 

Treat yo’self (or someone else)

It always makes you feel good to do something nice for someone else, even if it’s as simple as paying a compliment. Don’t forget it’s okay to treat yourself sometimes too though … you deserve it. Whether it’s buying that lipstick that you’ve lusted after for ages or having a nice bubble bath, the little things can make all the difference to your mood.

Stupidly Healthy.

22 November 2015

I seem to have taken an unintentional blogging break after the last couple of weeks, but it pains me to leave this space unattended for too long so I thought that I'd check in today with a quick update of some drinks that I was recently introduced to and have been loving over the last couple of weeks. Meet Moju, the super drinks that are stupidly healthy, designed to make wholesome juices accessible for everyone. They taste amazing, plus, with cold weather and illness coming and indulgent christmas foods coming, it seemed the perfect time to talk about them. 

Set up by Charlie and Rich, these drinks have a similar story behind them to innocent smoothies, and I think they're going to be just as big a hit. Cold-pressed and packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants they are not only incredible for your insides, but also taste great too. For those with special dietary requirements, they are also vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. You can order a fridge pack from their website online as well as farmers markets, festivals, homes, offices, parks, yoga studios and some London cafés. But watch out, because I'm sure they'll be popping up more and more often. 

To be completely honest, I'm not sure I can even pick a favourite. The line is made up of three juices; The Green Juice (vitamin and potassium-rich leafy lush greens, with a twist of lemon and a hint of ginger), The Purple Juice (nutrient-rich and sweet root vegetables, balanced with crisp apple and refreshing cucumber) and The Orange Juice (a boost of Vitamin C and A from carrots and red pepper, with a ginger and turmeric kick and a twist of lemon). All come with impressive benefits and are the equivalent of 1/2 kilo of produce (four portions of fruit and veg). You can almost feel your eyes sparkling and skin clearing up after drinking them, but if you want to make them a little less healthy they work well mixed with spirits too. 

Of course, you could just make your own juice at home, but I think the time and effort involved means that these come out so much better at only £2.95 per bottle. Although they may have to only be reserved for special treats. What do you think of the look of these? 

Get #StupidlyHealthy with MOJU over their social media channels:


15 November 2015

Get 15% off your next order using the code MADDYCANE at the checkout

My blog has been no stranger to Daniel Wellington watches over the years, and I recently added a new one to my collection so I thought I would show you all. Their such classic, timeless pieces, and my latest addition, the classic bristol is perfect of everyday wear. They're all equally as stunning, with the finest quality straps and the kind of minimal simplicity that will pair well with whatever you have in your wardrobe. 

They fit beautifully on my wrist, which is a first for someone with as small wrists as me and the watch face of 36mm sits really well. If that's still too big for you, they have some smaller faces in the classy range, which I posted about here

They'd make the perfect christmas present to treat someone to around this time of year, or even as a present to yourself. Why not check out their website and let me know what your favourites are. Plus, don't forget to claim your 15% off your order by using the code MADDYCANE on all purchases until January 14th. 

What do you think of Daniel Wellington?


13 November 2015

Sometimes you have those days, weeks, or even months where you never seem to have time to rest. Well it's been like that for me recently with increasing school pressure and illness, so I thought it would be nice to take the evening off and have a nice pamper. Here's what was on the menu ... 

My current hair picks are the Silk18 Range from Maple Holistics. Refreshing, invigorating and deeply cleansing, they do a good job without stripping all the natural oils from your hair. You can buy the shampoo here and the conditioner here. For bath products, there's a new brand that have taken my fancy recently. The Mandara Spa line boasts a luxurious range of bath and body care products inspired by treatments from around the world. The Bali Santi range is mainly based around coconut scents, so right up my alley, and my favourites from the range, who have reached it to top shelf status, are the Coconut Glow Smoothing Body Polish, Indulgent Bath and Shower cream and Softening Body Cream. They smell heavenly and do a good job at keeping skin smooth and supple, whilst being really relaxing and calming scents at the same time. For something a little more energising, I love Lush's Woosh Shower Jelly, which although is a pain to use, has an amazing citrusy smell that's perfect for waking you up. 

So why not take the evening out for yourself and have a little pamper? What are your favourite products to use?

Social Media, Life Update and Essena O'Neill.

08 November 2015

The internet world erupted this week, struggling to make sense of Essena O'Neill's apparent quitting of social media. It's taken a while for me to form my own opinions on it, but now that I've thought about it a little more, here are my own two cents. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, this article should clear things up for you. In a nutshell, Essena O'Neill was an internet famous, Australian 'Instagrammer' with about half a million followers, as well as large followings on other social media challenges. After becoming disillusioned with social media, she has deleted thousands of videos and photos and edited all the captions on her remaining photos to show the 'real truth' behind the pictures. She also posted a video explaining her choice to leave social media - citing her desire to live in the 3D world again as her main reason.

Although it may just be the cynic in me, the whole thing seems a little hypocritical. Using social media to announce you're quitting social media, rapidly increasing your internet fame at the same time and, all the while, asking your viewers to 'support' you (financially) if they like your new website - which, coincidentally, is still a form of social media. Nevertheless, I think there's still a lot that we can learn from her choices, and I would never want to form a solid judgement without knowing all the facts. 

- Social media is art not reality

It's easy to scroll through Instagram and envy the lives of everyone you see, but the reality is, their lives will not be as perfect as the pictures make it seem. A photo takes a millisecond to take, it's not a representation of someone's day, and people only share what they want to. I'm well aware my own life looks completely different online to real life, its realising everyone else's is too that's the problem. Photos can be edited to within an inch of their life, but at the end of the day, no one wants to share their worst bits with the world, and understandably so - I see nothing wrong with making the internet as positive as possible, but that doesn't mean we need to fake things to do so. 

It would be a lie for me to say that I don't take a ton of photos before choosing the one that makes me look the best and maybe even editing the odd spot out and getting the lighting right post click. But that doesn't mean that's not not okay. Everyone wants to look their best sometimes and as long as you aren't basing your whole self worth off likes, follows and views, all social media is allowing us to do is have a platform to share something that we love. Our intentions will determine the satisfaction that we gain. 

It would go against human nature to share the worst bits, but perhaps the answer is just to be more honest. I for one know that I haven't always been, for example I hadn't yet shared online that I've been ill for a while now and have only really left my bed to go to school over the past couple of weeks, hence the slacking on the blogging front. I'm working on putting together more posts on both the health and mental illness issues that have been affecting me to come soon because I've since realised the importance of opening up and staying honest but just because something isn't shared online it doesn't mean that it's deceit. Sometimes we need an escape from reality, and others we just aren't quite ready to share. 

- We could all do with being a little less consumed by it 

I for one could take a lot from this point. I've wasted hours of my life scrolling though other people's feeds, and often wanting what they seem to have. Sometimes, we could all gain something from switching off the phone and living in the moment. 

- Whether we like it or not, social media is powerful 

Many companies in recent years have latched onto the power of the influence online personas have on their viewers. New job titles are created everyday because of the power of the internet, and that's not about to change. Companies have dedicated teams to update their online profiles and for good reason, social media is current, it's relatable, and it's cheap - if they're willing to spend money on it then you know it must be worth it. 

Honestly, I don't think that many people were shocked at the revelation that people who are famous on the internet are paid to promote products. All in all, I don't really have a problem with it - good on them for being able to turn it into a job - but it's the integrity of the person involved that matters. I have never to his day posted about samples with ungenuine opinions and would never accept money for something I didn't believe in. As viewers, we need to be savvy but in the end I think that it's a two way street and if you are willing to compromise the trust of your subscribers, then it is your own problem rather than social media's. 

- But we don't have to hide from it 

In a parting gesture, Essena renamed her instagram profile 'social media is not real' and obviously it isn't - nothing will ever replace the 3D world that we live in. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be on it. Social media is not the problem, your attitude is. Use it to create beautiful photos you are genuinely proud of, promote a message, share your life, keep in touch with family and friends. I see nothing wrong with only sharing the good parts, just make sure that you can separate it from your reality. 

I'm not sure that a lot of this makes sense, and this post is a bit all over the place, so I'll leave it at that for today. I hope you liked this more thoughtful post and I would love to know your thoughts. 

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Latest in Beauty.

01 November 2015

I’m always trying a tonne of new and exciting products, and endeavour to bring you only the creme de la creme of the bunch. Blogger hype is a difficult thing not to give in to, and a multitude of shiny and new products often tempt the more Magpie like side of me, but it’s always great to have a second opinion on all things beauty before you part with the monies. The following lot, however, have stood out from the crowd of autumn/winter releases for me and all earned their spot in my daily rotation of products. Perhaps they might in yours too … 

Latest in Beauty Box 

Inside the box is…
+ Bee Good – Youthful Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye 5ml
+ St Tropez – Gradual Tan In Shower Cream 50ml
+ Prismologie – Indigo Interlude Foot Cream & Pink O’Clock Hand & Cuticle Cream 2x10ml
+ Dr Lipp – Miracle Balm 15ml
+ NUDE Skincare – Skincare ProGenius Rescue Oil (800 ProGenius Treatment Oil) 5ml
+ Ciaté London – London Paint Pots – Mistress 13.5ml
+ Eyeko – Black Fat Liquid Eyeliner 3.5g

Thoughts? *insert applause emoji* You know my thoughts on beauty boxes by now, they can so easily turn into endless samples of products that are unsuited in shades and formulas that you would never wear, but Get the Gloss x Latest in Beauty have really outdone themselves on this account. From the amazing Eyeko liner to the St Tropez lotion, there isn't a thing in there that I haven't loved. Best of all, they're all in the perfect mini size for taking on a winter break. At only £15.95 for over £60 worth of products, this is one collection of goodies that you shouldn't miss if you're passionate about finding new products. 

Laqa and Co Cheeky Lip in Humble Brag - Housed inside a beautiful and luxurious gold tube, this soft matte lip crayon is great for both ease of use and look. The beautiful hot pink colour looks lovely swiped and patted into the lips or blended softly into the cheeks for a healthy flushed look, perfect for winter. Added to that the roll up stick which means you'll never have any need for a sharpener and you've got yourself the easiest product ever. 

Love me Beauty Box - 

Inside the box is ... 
+ Lottie London Nail Polish in 'Bring Me Joy'
+ Ciate Nail Polish in Pepperminty
+ Lord & Berry Twiststick Lipsticks in Arizona
+ Love Me Beauty eyelash curlers
+ Monuspa Rosewood Reviving Mist

Thoughts? Love Me Beauty have been going through some revamps lately so this month's 'box' came in a bag instead - but safe to say the quality of the products inside haven't declined at all. Both the nail polishes are really pretty pastel colours, and practical for me too because I never seem to be able to finish full sizes without them going gloopy towards the end. The curlers are a great edition to my spare makeup bag, which I take with me when I go away, as is the Reviving Mist - always nice to have in stressful situations or to finish off your skin care routine. Finally, the twiststick is the perfect Christmas party colour, and I look forward to wearing this a lot more as we draw closer to the end of the year. 

Clarins Christmas Palette - This sleekly packaged eyeshadow palette with 10 super wearable neutral shades from nudes to darks will be top of a lot of christmas lists this year, and for good reason. Just look at it, it's stunning! There are a couple of downsides - a metal box instead of cardboard would have been nice, as would a touch more pigmentation in some of the shades, but as an introductory palette for someone beginning to experiment with eyeshadows I think that this would make a great christmas gift. Now we're in November, it's acceptable to start getting excited, right...?