Trying Something New.

11 October 2015

Posting about skincare is never easy. It's such a personal topic and everyone has their own opinions, plus, I'm so awful at sticking to an actual routine that it's hard to tell what is actually working. With that said, I've found a couple of products that really seem to be working for me at the moment and have moved my successfully into caring for my skin in the colder weather.

In terms of masks, the Bee Venom facial serum is a lifesaver. I've been having far too many late nights trying to get on top of work, blogging, coursework and everything else going on lately and my skin has definitely suffered for it. Gone are the days of naturally glowing summer skin (sobs to self). This stuff though, is a lifesaver. Both super fast and brightening, it sloughs off the dead skin cells leaving a glow and reducing some of my redness and pigmentation. It may be pricy, but boy is it worth it. Spot creams are a bit of meh product for me, I'm never 100% convinced that they work, but the Vitage Correct and Perfect Spot Serum seems to be pretty effective, and doesn't dry out my skin like others seem to do. 

Just recently I decided to reinvest in some new heads for my Magnitone Lucid. It was a bit of a head banging on the wall moment when I tried them out again and asked myself how I ever forgot how good they were for my skin. They give just the right amount of exfoliation for everyday use and give the skin a really bright and healthy look. I'm also loving my Balance Hylauronic moisturiser, which is one of the best in terms of formulas that I've found. Hyaluronic acid is always a good thing for skin, and perfect for the winter, where you need that more intense hydration. 

Have you found any good skincare items recently? Any I should add to my list?
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