Making my Tech Look Pretty.

05 September 2015
I'm one of those people that likes to inject a little bit of personality into everything I own. Especially with easily customisable items like gadgets, it's nice to make everything a little bit more unique and stand out from the crowd. 

I'm possible a little bit more addicted to my tech than I should be *cough cough* and will pretty much always have some form of it near or at least around me ... well a girl's got to check her instagram doesn't she? With the amount that I carry things around with me, it's only fair that they get a nice case to go with them to make them look pretty. 

I recently got this ICONEMESIS Cat Sims feather phone case and am in love with the subtle black and white feather print. It goes with everything and the actual case itself is really sturdy and will hopefully help protect your phone from any knocks and bumps that you might put it through (sorry phone!). There's loads more to choose from on their website, or if you're looking for something slightly different you can check out the ones that I sell too, here.

It's currently on sale for only £10 down from £15, so make sure you don't miss out on the offer. Buy it here

What about you, do you customise your technology?
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