Lessons for myself for Blogging.

06 September 2015

With the abundance of advice posts to do with blogging on the internet, I wanted to stay away from telling you what do with your blog. Instead, here are the lessons I need to take and grow from whilst blogging. If they help you too then great, if not, oh well! Your blog is your space, you do you. 

1. Stay true to yourself

2. Don't let it become a chore

3. Be proud of what you create

4. Try and create interesting, meaningful content (something I'm really working on) 

5. Share the love with everyone

6. Ignore the numbers

7. Stop with all the comparisons

8. Try and widen your skill-set

9. Write for yourself not others

10. Publish everything, don't be embarrassed or scared

11. Stay unique 

12. Take breaks when you need them

13. Do it for the enjoyment not the business

14. You never know what is going to be successful

15. Reach out to other people, make new friends! 

What are some things you need to remember whilst blogging?
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