Less is More.

17 September 2015

It occurred to me recently how out of hand my makeup collection was becoming. After a good (but slightly painful on my behalf - goodbye my pretties) clear out, I've whittled my collection down to a more respectable size and am going to try my hardest to keep it that way. 

I've started implementing a one-in-one-out type policy, or net-zero as it's sometimes known, to keep the size from growing, and can now only treat myself once I've got rid of something else. I can't help thinking how wasteful it is to have these things cluttering up my makeup draw where they won't be used, instead of going to a good home or being thrown away when they expire. 

I've set myself the target of buying better quality, but less. I don't want to buy things only because they're cheap, or on offer. Drawers of forgotten, old make-up aren't really that appealing to me and the concept continues into other areas of my life. 

Sometimes, less really is more. 

What do you think of this concept?
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