5 Things: Minimal Decorating.

15 September 2015

Minimalistic style is one that really appeals to me, you only need to look at my Pinterest boards to see that, but whilst I love the style, I don't want it to feel clinical or cold. Here are a few of my favourite ways to make my space personal whilst still maintaining the aesthetic.

White Walls - Confession time; I'm a white wall obsessive. For me, it acts as a bare canvas to let the rest of your possessions stand out, whilst calming everything else down. Plus, for all those bloggers out there, they act as the perfect back drop. 

Greenery - Cacti and succulents are big in the online world and for good reason. A little bit of foliage here and there can bring life and freshness to your room. I got my planter for Appleyard London, who also do a lovely range of summer blooms if you're more of a flower person. They can deliver next day flowers  or do a flower delivery for your specified date so are amazing for gifts too; just choose the address to send flowers to, and they'll be there before you know it! Just don't forget to water them because dying plants don't really have the same appeal to them;)

You can get a 33% Discount off any of their range of luxury bouquets now using the code BLOG33 - so don't miss out!

Textiles - I mentioned avoiding the clinical feel and what better way than blankets and all things cosy? I like to layer them on my bed in different patterns to add some colour and warmth back into the room. 

Functional decoration - Objects like my Polaroid camera make lovely decorative pieces, as well as serving a purpose. When trying to keep a space minimal, it's important not to over clutter so by using your possessions for dual usage you eliminate this option. Other favourites of mine include sunglasses, perfume bottles and books. 

Art - I'm building up a steady collection of prints and artwork as well as personal photos to make a massive gallery wall one day. Perfect for adding personality, memories and a hint of sentimentality to a room, these will really make your space your own. 

How do you like to make your space more 'you'?
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