I try not to blindly follow trends, but this one just grabbed me and I can't get enough of it. I was lucky enough to be given a lace bralette by my two sisters for my birthday and I've hardly stopped wearing it since. Mine's from Pull&Bear, but these lace beauties can be found pretty much anywhere now and I'm still on the hunt to add some more nice ones to my collection. 

Nice lingerie just makes all the difference to my mood and these bralettes are so pretty that it's almost acceptable to show the world them too. Let it peak out under a tshirt or through a sheer shirt or crank up the intensity and wear it with a low, loose tank top. 

I've honestly never worn a more comfortable bra, and they are fab for those less well endowed in the chest area *ahem* - although I'm sure you could find some more supportive options out there. Great for warmer weather, but also really nice for layering too, I love wearing mine with some boho jewellery to add to the relaxed feel. The silver necklace pictured above is my hamsa hand from Moontide Jewellery, which is an almost everyday wear for me, but if I want to make it a tad more dressy I also love the gold stacking necklaces from Happiness Boutique

If you have any recommendations of where I can get some more I'd love to know, otherwise I'm going to look into a DIY version. 

What do you think of lace bralettes?

Secret Ingredient Healthy Brownies.

You know those healthy recipes you find online, try out and then suffer with the disappointment that they weren't as good as the real thing? Well, these are not those. I know what you're thinking - nothing could ever beat a deep, rich, fudge and chocolatey brownie - but these do just the job whilst being gluten, lactose, (basically everything) free, and vegan to boot. I tried them out on my unsuspecting family and not a single comment, not even a guess as to whether a different recipe had been used. Even from my sister who's the Paul Hollywood of our family - result! 

Makes 9 


1 can of black beans
2 tbsp cocoa powder
40g quick oats
75g honey/maple syrup - depending on your taste and vegan preferences
2 tbsp sugar (or omit and increase the above)
40g coconut or vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking powder
115-140g chocolate chips (not optional)

Simply blend all the ingredients together in a food processor and then add in the chocolate chips. Pour into a greased 8x8 pan and let cook for 10-15 mins before cooling and tucking in. Why not play a game and see who can taste the magic ingredient - I'll bet you they can't! 

Will you be making these? Let me know how they go if you do!

5 Things: Minimal Makeup.

Given that I managed to pick up a bit of a tan on holiday, (or maybe it's just sheer laziness), my makeup has been getting more and more minimal. An extra twenty minutes in bed and minimal touchups - you can count me in. Plus with an edit this small, you know everything is going to be good. Here's what I've been wearing on my face recently. 

Clarins Instant Concealer (01) to cover blemishes and redness

Rodial Bronzer to give some warmth and definition - a pricey one but the look it gives is beautiful and oh so natural. 

Clarins Eyebrow Pencil to lightly fill in brows

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect to give a fluttery, flirty look

LAQA Lip Lube in Honeypot (worn above) or Skin Chemists Lip Pump Extreme to pull together the look and add a nice plumpness and shine to the lips. The lip plump is pricey, but as you can tell from the photo above, the results are so so worth it. Angelina Jolie lips in seconds. 

And that's literally it! It couldn't be easier! Have you tried any of these? What kind of makeup look have you been going for recently?

Less is More.

It occurred to me recently how out of hand my makeup collection was becoming. After a good (but slightly painful on my behalf - goodbye my pretties) clear out, I've whittled my collection down to a more respectable size and am going to try my hardest to keep it that way. 

I've started implementing a one-in-one-out type policy, or net-zero as it's sometimes known, to keep the size from growing, and can now only treat myself once I've got rid of something else. I can't help thinking how wasteful it is to have these things cluttering up my makeup draw where they won't be used, instead of going to a good home or being thrown away when they expire. 

I've set myself the target of buying better quality, but less. I don't want to buy things only because they're cheap, or on offer. Drawers of forgotten, old make-up aren't really that appealing to me and the concept continues into other areas of my life. 

Sometimes, less really is more. 

What do you think of this concept?

5 Things: Minimal Decorating.

Minimalistic style is one that really appeals to me, you only need to look at my Pinterest boards to see that, but whilst I love the style, I don't want it to feel clinical or cold. Here are a few of my favourite ways to make my space personal whilst still maintaining the aesthetic.

White Walls - Confession time; I'm a white wall obsessive. For me, it acts as a bare canvas to let the rest of your possessions stand out, whilst calming everything else down. Plus, for all those bloggers out there, they act as the perfect back drop. 

Greenery - Cacti and succulents are big in the online world and for good reason. A little bit of foliage here and there can bring life and freshness to your room. I got my planter for Appleyard London, who also do a lovely range of summer blooms if you're more of a flower person. They can deliver next day flowers  or do a flower delivery for your specified date so are amazing for gifts too; just choose the address to send flowers to, and they'll be there before you know it! Just don't forget to water them because dying plants don't really have the same appeal to them;)

You can get a 33% Discount off any of their range of luxury bouquets now using the code BLOG33 - so don't miss out!

Textiles - I mentioned avoiding the clinical feel and what better way than blankets and all things cosy? I like to layer them on my bed in different patterns to add some colour and warmth back into the room. 

Functional decoration - Objects like my Polaroid camera make lovely decorative pieces, as well as serving a purpose. When trying to keep a space minimal, it's important not to over clutter so by using your possessions for dual usage you eliminate this option. Other favourites of mine include sunglasses, perfume bottles and books. 

Art - I'm building up a steady collection of prints and artwork as well as personal photos to make a massive gallery wall one day. Perfect for adding personality, memories and a hint of sentimentality to a room, these will really make your space your own. 

How do you like to make your space more 'you'?

Get Set, Go.

It may almost be the end of summer, so fitness motivation is probably slacking, but here are some of my recommendations to get you inspired again. 

The Clothing - Adidas have just launched their newest drop, and I'm all over it. With comfortable sports bras, leggings, tops and more, all in pretty colours, there's something to cover all manner of exercise activities and what's more, you'll look great whilst wearing it. Get yours here

The Songs - Any pop hits are a yes from me when exercising (if I'm not catching up on guilty pleasure T.V that is). I've been loving this 8tracks playlist - it's impossible not to want to boogie and give the workout your all when this is playing in the background. 16 tracks of pure motivation. 

The Workouts - Fitness Blenders 5 Day Challenge is a great place to start with exercising at home. It only takes about half an hour a day including warm up and cool down and the carefully planned schedule means that you're working all of your body. 

What are some of the fitness things you have been loving lately?