Christmas Wishlist

05 December 2018

It's always difficult buying gifts for the special people in your life, I know I'm a nightmare to shop for! There are a couple of things I've had my eye on for a while so I thought I'd put them together in a little list to give you all some inspo for your Christmas shopping. Top of mine are the delightful Daniel Wellington watches, and especially the gift sets that they have put together. I've just got the Petite Melrose and it hasn't left my wrist since I opened the box!

Obviously they are a bigger gift to get someone so don't forget to take advantage of the special codes that will be running until the 8th January and use them to create your own unique gift set:

10% off our giftsets and free gift-wrapping
15% off on top of this with the code MADDYCANE
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14 March 2018

I was recently lucky enough to get the chance to visit Milan to model so I took the opportunity to explore a little whilst I was out there. Slightly unfortunately, it was during the cold snap that Europe experienced around the end of February so conditions outside weren't exactly ideal and we did have to suffer through a couple of days of rain and general greyness, but it is a truly beautiful city with some stunning architecture so I thought I'd treat you to a couple of the photos that I snapped along the way.

Rather smaller than I thought, I covered most of the main sites in the few days that I had off. A lot of the architecture was more modern than I was expecting, but there were still hints of the gothic style around every corner, including the beautiful Duomo. If you're ever there, I'd definitely recommend a visit to Leonardo's Last Supper as well. It must be booked in advance, but is well worth the trip. And, of course, it would be rude to skip out on the incredible Italian cuisine, especially the Milanese spaghetti and gelato, which was delicious.

Have you ever been to Milan? I'm off to Rome in a couple of weeks time, which I'm equally excited about - let me know if you have any recommendations!

What I Eat in a Day - Main Meals Edition

12 March 2018

I've been wanting to make one of these kinds of posts for a while, so I thought I'd start with a summary of my main meals to ease myself in. I'm a snacker at heart so this is by no means everything that I'd eat in a day, but it's a start. Being a student I try not to spend ridiculous amounts of money on food but I do splash out on some luxuries, whilst keeping the costs low in general and trying to bulk shops in cheaper stores like Aldi. 

To start my day, I often like to go with a hot meal, or something a little more substantial. I love rye bread and it pairs so well with smoked salmon and a soft boiled egg - my favourite way of doing them. Paired with a bit of veg and a hefty dose of black pepper, you've got yourself one delicious breakfast. 

For lunch, I tend to prefer something a tad lighter than my evening meal, and with lots of veg for vitamins and health. Here, I've gone for a somewhat easier take on the ever so popular and instagrammable buddha bowl. A bed of spinach, giant couscous, pomegranate seeds, edamame beans, seeds and carrot with a beanie burger and topped with a big dollop of houmous - it's the perfect throw together lunch. Of course, this was also doused in sweet chilli sauce -  my latest obsession - after I took a photo.

I can't get enough of stir fries, and they're so simple to make I don't know why I don't do them more often. They're amazing for using up the odds and ends of your leftover veg and served with Itsu dumplings as above, or protein of your choice and a bed of noodles or rice, it's hard to go too far wrong. All I ever use is a bit of garlic and ginger, some sesame oil to fry in and some fish, oyster and soy sauce to flavour - simples. Whilst that was all cooking, I boiled up some rice, but forgot to photograph that at the same time - doh!

I hope this has been vaguely interesting/inspiring - let me know if you'd like to see more of these in the future - and whether it would be helpful to see snacks and puddings included too?

Malaysian Photo Diary.

05 March 2018

Malaysia was my first destination of the summer, and an easy introduction to the Asian way of life. From the urban to the rural, I loved the mix of modern architecture and green spaces everywhere in Kuala Lumpur and the islands that we visited along the coast were absolute paradise. We finished our tour of the country in the jungle before heading home, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

If you'd like a more detailed itinerary of places and recommendations I'll pop them all in another blog post, let me know!

5 Everyday Makeup Heroes

10 February 2018

Around three or four years ago I was utterly ob.sess.ed with makeup, you couldn’t tear me away from the stuff, and whilst I never wore particularly heavy looks, my use has definitely become more minimal over the years. Perhaps it's due to an increase in confidence in the way I naturally look, or perhaps laziness has overcome (probably the latter haha) but I find my spending more driven towards fashion, holidays and experiences than it ever was before.

Nowadays, I don't often find myself wearing more than about five products on my face on a very regular basis - that is if I even step out of the house wearing makeup at all. Mascara, brow products, concealer and lip gloss and I'm good to go. Here's my pick of the bunch:

Benefit Solar power
Revlon Lip Gloss
NARS creamy concealer
Makeup Forever Excessive Lash

Leopard Print.

07 February 2018

I’m absolutely coat obsessed, adding at least a couple more to my collection year on year. Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap, so this year I took to scouting the charity shops around me for something a little lighter on the purse strings.
I was thrilled to come across this leopard print number, having been looking for one online for a while, and for only £5 I couldn’t resist. It's been on a fair few outings already, including our university fashion show last week where the above photos were taken. What do you think?